Into the Kingdom of Light

God is my Savior. He has saved me from the dominion of darkness. From isolation, despair, torture, hell. From being eaten up by worry, gripped by fear, consumed by anger and rage, ensnared by lust. He has saved me from bondage and slavery, condemnation, powerlessness. He has saved me from a living death, pain and suffering eternally, an orphan spirit, a sense of rejection, abandonment, never belonging, being on the outside.

He has saved me to the dominion of His beloved Son. He has saved me to the Kingdom of Light. To community, family, relationship, hope, healing, restoration, renewal, goodness and glory, to His Presence. He has saved me to peace and provision, kindness and forgiveness and love and the Holy Spirit living in me and bearing fruit. He has saved me to freedom, pardon, purpose and destiny. He has saved us to life in Christ Jesus who wipes away our tears, to the hope of a new heaven and a new earth where the righteous shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He has saved us to sonship, to adoption in His family, to acceptance, belonging, a place at His table. To inclusion in the Beloved, the family of the saints, to joy and pleasure at His right hand forever. God is my Savior.

Written by Holly Hibbert