Raised on his family’s dairy farm, a conscientious work ethic was instilled in him, along with enjoyment and personal satisfaction in growing gardens, and various animals, large and small. Jesus apprehended Stan at the age of 14, and he was delivered and flooded with the Holy Spirit in a powerful way. He committed to Christ’s Lordship and guidance in every area of his life. Stan has been involved with CLC for more than 52 years serving in different ways while also being blessed in marriage and raising seven children. He has worked at various jobs from construction to handyman to beef herd management to commercial poultry and egg production to fence building,……..etc. Tent making has never been so interesting! His heart has ever been after God‘s purposes, wherever he has been. His prophetic gifting has been evident since about 1971. He carries a passion for genuine worship, intercessory prayer and unity among believers and churches throughout our region. It has been an honor for him to serve as an Elder alongside others of various gifts and perspectives, as together, they purpose to fulfill the mission of CLC.